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Organize Your Online Estate Auctions with Caring Transitions of Southern Delaware

Learn more about the convenience & benefits of staging online auctions through our proprietary CT Bids platform in Millsboro and the surrounding Delaware areas.


Caring Transitions is a nationally recognized provider that specializes in providing high-quality support during relocations, downsizing, estate sales, and online estate auctions. Organizing an online estate auction is a great option for clients who live far away or are short on time but still need to go through with the liquidation of a loved one’s estate.

How Does CT Bids Work?

Before launching online estate auctions, our practice is to meet with clients and conduct free in-home consultations. Our team members first explain how it all works and help appraise all the items a client would like to sell through our platform. If needed, we can even take photos and list each item for a client. After the inventory is uploaded, there is nothing more for the client to do! This is a rather convenient setup as clients do not have to ask for time off work or interrupt their regular routine in order to oversee a traditional estate sale.

CT Bids Pricing Options

Our site offers an array of pricing options - instead of being forced to sell your items through just one specific method, you can choose from the following selling options:

  • Auction – In this traditional approach to auctioning, you list your object and then let the bidders take care of the rest until the highest offer claims the item.
  • Fixed price – If you want to skip the whole bidding process, you can just opt to set a fixed price and sell the item to the first buyer.
  • Classified ad – To generate more interest in your online estate auctions, you can run classified ads that showcase images, descriptions, prices, as well as shipping costs of particular items. Just remember to take the ad down once these items get sold off.
  • Buy now – Similar to the fixed price option, all buy now items are available for instant purchase at a pre-set price that is not negotiable.
  • Reserve – When you do not want to let go of your item until a certain value has been met, choose a reserve option. This allows you to set your expected price behind-the-scenes and bidders will not be able to see it. When an auction ends without a sale, you can restart the auction or offer the object to the highest bidder.

Get Started with CT Bids Today

Contact our Millsboro office at (302) 503-6092 to learn more about the benefits of running online estate auctions with our company and schedule your free consultation to get started with your own CT Bids account today!